Lutris Technologies

Company Profile

Lutris was a leading provider of Java/XML application server products for the development of web and wireless services. The Lutris business model leveraged the worldwide Open Source process to combine industry standard technology with the freedom of innovation. The company's mission was to deliver the highest value development and deployment platforms to partners in the OEM, VAR, ISV and System Integrator community. Lutris offered a full range of product support, training and custom engineering services to its partners.


Design, develop, and deliver Web-based training modules for the Enhydra product in support of Lutris education and consulting business.

Jason was hired as the online courseware developer to support adoption of the Enhydra application server product, to support Lutris consulting services, and to generate interest in Lutris training services.


Three e-learning modules were to be designed, tested, and launched to the Lutris website. The purpose was to provide an overview of the Enhydra development framework and introductory development lessons on use of the tool for application developers. It was decided to make these modules available free of charge to encourage adoption of Lutris products and services.


Three e-learning modules were developed and made freely available to the wireless application developer community to support adoption of Lutris products and services. Feedback for the e-learning modules was very positive. Over a 20% increase in Lutris advanced training services was realized following the release of the e-learning modules.

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