Company Profile

Seagate is the world leader in the design and manufacturing of hard drives. Seagate delivers advanced solutions for every industry that requires digital storage. The company leads the industry in research and development, with a focus on bringing to market new technologies. Seagate has revenues in excess of $9 billion dollars annually, and a workforce of 55,000 employees located around the world.


Deliver a scalable global leadership development program, which align to the strategic objectives of Seagate. Partner with Harvard Publishing to develop and implement a blended curriculum targeting top executives, directors, and managers. Serve as business lead in acquiring $1.5 million dollars in ETP funds to support the Seagate's business objectives and through the global leadership development program.


As Project Manager, Jason worked with the Global Leadership and Learning Team (GL&L) and Harvard Publishing in the planning, development, delivery, and evaluation of leadership curriculums.

The global leadership development program was developed using a blended delivery model. The structure of the curriculum consisted of selected Harvard e-learning courses; followed by train the facilitator (TTF) sessions; facilitator led group learning sessions; personalized application assignment planning; on the job application of skills; and evaluation of program effectiveness.


The first wave of the global leadership development program was delivered to roughly two thirds of the target leadership population at over 20 sites internationally with a 78% approval rating of the curriculum. Subsequent waves were delivered incorporating curriculum revisions based on evaluation data to target leadership population.

As internal business lead for Seagate ETP fund procurement, Jason was responsible for the award of an estimated $1.5 million dollars in ETP funds. To achieve this result Jason worked with Seagate's contract development group, LMS team, and top executive staff in the development of the ETP applications, contracts, and award. Seagate contracted with an external consultant to aid in the proposal development for ETP funds. On January 26, 2007 the ETP Panel awarded Seagate $1,512,000.

The following is an excerpt taken from the ETP Panel Meeting Minutes from January 26, 2007 regarding this award:

"Mr. Chan (Creighton Chan, Manager of the Foster City Office) presented a One-Step Agreement for Seagate Technology LLC (Seagate), in the amount of $1,512,000. He said Seagate is a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of hard computer disc drives, providing products for a wide-range of applications, including enterprise, desktop, mobile computing, and consumer electronics."

"Mr. Chan introduced Jason Dunton, Manager of Global Leadership and Learning."

"Ms. Roberts (Janice Roberts, Acting Vice Chair) asked where the training would take place. Mr. Dunton said training would take place in Scotts Valley, Fremont, Milpitas and Sunnyvale. Ms. Roberts asked if it was statewide training. Mr. Dunton answered in the affirmative."

"Mr. St. John (Johnathan St. John, Member) asked about the PRT (perpendicular recording technology) method. Mr. Dunton said PRT allows a new way of recording data to the disk media, standing data bits vertically rather than horizontally to the disk surface as with traditional longitudinal recording. He explained that it allows data to be written in a much more compact manner."

"Ms. Roberts moved and Mr. St. John seconded approval of the One-Step Agreement for Seagate in the amount of $1,512,000. Motion carried, 5 to 0."

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